About The Meat Shop

Customer Service and quality products are the emphasis of The Meat Shop owners Kevin and Cindy Prus. Kevin brings over 30 years of meat industry experience to the business, having started his first job as a meat cutter in 1974. Today, The Meat Shop is Huntington's favorite family run shop for fresh-cut steaks, pork-chops, ossian products, and much more.

About Us

The Meat Shop wants to thank our current patrons and welcome all new customers. We offer old-fashioned customer service that includes:

  1. Choosing your meat out of the case, not a package
  2. High quality beef and pork products that are USDA Choice - ALWAYS
  3. Providing you with fresh cut meat at any thickness you want
  4. Ground Round and Ground Chuck made from our own fresh trim several times per day
  5. Top quality Ossian products
  6. Ready-to-eat products smoked right on our premises
  7. Fresh stuffed brats and sausages
  8. Homemade hamloaf and hand-breaded tenderloins EVERYDAY
  9. A full line of cheeses and deli items
  10. Top quality canned beef and chicken
  11. Seasonings and marinades available for your own special recipe
  12. Your choice of bundles, cut and packaged any way you want

but most of all...

You have the ability to ask for anything you want and someone will be there who can answer your questions, cut what you want, and take your special orders.