Ossian Hams are made from only the finest ingredients and are hardwood smoked for their distinctive old fashioned flavor. The perfect holiday gift is just around the corner.

Banquet Ham Banquet Ham
Skinless Smoked Ham Shanks Skinless Smoked Ham Shanks
Old Fashioned Bone In Smoked Ham Old Fashioned Bone In Smoked Ham
BNLS Smoked Ham Slices BNLS Smoked Ham Slices
Smoked Ham Seasonings Smoked Ham Seasonings
Smoked Sausage Smoked Sausage
Old Fashioned Ring Bologna Old Fashioned Ring Bologna
Braunschweiger Braunschweiger
Hot Dogs Hot Dogs
Bratwurst (Great for Weight Watchers) Bratwurst
Pork Cracklings Pork Cracklings
Canadian Bacon Canadian Bacon
Thick Sliced Bacon Thick Sliced Bacon
Old Fashioned BNLS Smoked Ham Old Fashioned BNLS Smoked Ham
BNLS Ham (Lowest Sodium Content) BNLS Ham
Ham Steaks Bone In Ham Steaks Bone In
Shaved Ham Shaved Ham
Chub Bologna Chub Bologna
Smoked Pork Chops Smoked Pork Chops
Holiday Spiral Ham Holiday Spiral Ham
Frozen Fresh Side Frozen Fresh Side