Not really sure what you want to eat? By the time you figure it out we'll already have it prepared for you. Come in and grab a fresh chicken kabob or a marinated chicken breast and fire up the grill.

Stuffed Pork Chops Stuffed Pork Chops
Stuffed Pepper Stuffed Pepper
Mesquite Marinade Pork Chops Mesquite Marinade Pork Chops
Chicken Kabobs Chicken Kabobs
Country Style Sausage Country Style Sausage
Stuffed Chicken Breast Stuffed Chicken Breast
Marinade BNLS Country Style Ribs (BBQ, Mesquite, Cajun) Marinade BNLS Country Style Ribs (BBQ, Mesquite, Cajun)
BBQ Marinade Pork Chops BBQ Marinade Pork Chops
Beef Kabobs Beef Kabobs

  • Marinade Chicked Breast – (Lemon Pepper, Butter & Garlic, Garlic & Herb, Italion, BBQ, Mesquite, Teriyaki, Cajun, Sante Fe Salsa)
  • Hamloaf
  • Fresh Stuffed Brautwurst
  • Fresh Stuffed Country Style Sausage
  • Fresh Stuffed Italion Sausage
  • Fresh Stuffed Jalapeno Sausage
  • Supreme Pizza Bratwurst with Mozzarella
  • Supreme Pizza Bratwurst with Jalapeno & Mozzarella
  • Hand Breaded Tenderloins
  • Winnie's Ham Salad
  • Italion Sausage
  • Meatloaf